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Ninguna máquina de ranura nei bar

ninguna máquina de ranura nei bar

( attribute ) to put sth down to sth attribuire qc a.
To dress oneself.
( esp US ) ( deceive ) engañar you're putting me on, aren't you?
( liter ) leaves, roots, buds echar ; slot machine gratis 9 rulli hand tender, extender.Put : put-down n ( snub) trucos para la ruleta casino pano Abfuhr f put option n (St Ex) Verkaufsoption f, Rückprämiengeschäft nt put : put 1 vb: pret, ptp n (Sport) Stoß m vt to put the shot kugelstoßen ; put ting the shot Kugelstoßen nt put 2 pret, ptp.Put up vt sep ( raise, lift up) hand hochheben ; car window zumachen ; umbrella aufklappen ; hair hochstecken ; collar hochschlagen, hochklappen ; put em up!(UK) Mete mi, prosím, vypálit tyhle fotografie na CD?( lay ) carpets, poison, trap poner, colocar.He put the plate in the cupboard; Did you put any sugar in my coffee?; He put his arm round her; I'm putting a new lock on the door; You're putting too much strain on that rope; When did the Russians first put a man.( dislocate ) shoulder, knee dislocar I put my back out lifting that box me he hecho polvo la espalda levantando esa caja.He tries to put aside a little money each n40l expansion slots month.
Put up with VI prep aguantar I can't put up with it any longer ya no (lo) aguanto más you'll just have to put up with it tendrás que aguantarte he has a lot to put up with tiene que aguantar un montón she puts.
Put across.
To put a question to sb rivolgere una domanda a.( crush, revolt ) reprimere ; ( gambling, prostitution ) abolire ; ( rumour ) mettere a tacere ; ( humiliate ) mortificare.Put on this gown so that it opens over your back.Póngase esta bata con la abertura hacia atrás; to on lipstick pintarse los labios; to on makeup maquillarse; to on nail polish pintarse las uñas).( render incorrect ) calculations desbaratar, echar por tierra.( cause to undertake ) to put sb to sth: it put us to a lot of extra expense nos supuso muchos gastos adicionales I don't want to put you to any trouble no quiero causarte ninguna molestia she put him to work immediately.( fasten up ) to put up (on) attaccare (su appendere (su ( notice ) affiggere (su).Put onto put on to VT prep to put sb onto sth/sb.( eject ) squatter, tenant, troublemaker echar, expulsar.Steck das Geld weg!; to put the car away das Auto wegstellen ( save) zurücklegen ( inf : consume) schaffen (inf) ; he can certainly put it away!